Hard Techno DJ & Producer
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Luckes comes from Košice in Slovakia and it was here that a young Luckes began diving into the world of Djing in clubs at age of fifteen.

In 2005 started visiting Hardtechno parties in his city were played names as Mario Ranieri, Dj Rush, Arkus P, Sven Wittekind.
This was very important impact in his career.
From that moment until now he stayed loyal to the Hardtechno style.
He bought his first turntables and vynils.
He rapidly getting skills for first event ever in 2008.

Played in countries like
Netherland, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Portugal
Czech Republic, Poland, United Kingdom, Belgium and Slovakia.

Luckes is also a promoter and has organized Hardtechno events in his city Košice.
His first promotion project was the event Hard Sound.
These great parties counted with the performance of Djs like Golpe, Sepromatiq, Bentech, Matthew, Withecker and many others.
His second project called Foldback is representing Techno parties in Rotterdam.

In 2014 started with good friends on a new project across Europe’s cities and its clubs, called Creative Urban Event.
Creative Urban Event (CUE) is a non-governmental organization whose main driving force is an experienced, dynamic and cohesive team made of similar thinking people.
They’ve organised a wide spectrum of activities, education and experience courses but also workshops, seminars, cultural and music events.

He took his first steps in production in 2016
First release, titled Imagination EP, was launched in July 2016.
After getting more acknowledge Luckes released more tracks on famous Hardtechno labels.
You can also find many previews of the tracks he is currently working on, on his Soundcloud.

Released EP’s and tracks on
•Hard Dragon Records
•The Young Blood Records
•War Drums Records
•Psychodelik Records
•HFU Digital
•Cannibal Society
•Kube Records
•Schubfaktor Records
•Nucleon Records
•Combat Skills
•Frown Digital
•Hardwork Records
•Straightforward Records
•AK Records
•Output Records
•Rhythm Records
•Back in Black Recordings
•HÄRTE Musik
•Sonaxx Records
•AudioCode Records
•DSR Digital
•Mad Made
•OIZA Records
•Cause Records

After 15 years of being independent artist Luckes is joining begining of 2022 Trivialbookings agency.

Luckes music has been supported through real hard techno pioneers.
Names like Nico Moreno, PetDuo, Buchecha, Mike Drama , Fernanda Martins, Caravel, El’Figo, Soufly, Thoqy, Regis Lopez, Schiere, Sikztah played his tracks in their sets.

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