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Hardtechno DJ, Producer & Liver
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Techno/Hardtechno producer, live act and DJ Leo Laker (Järveläinen in finnish) was born 1980 in Espoo, Finland. He grew up listening to all kinds of different music, from heavy metal to electronic music and jazz. He started making he's own music at the age on 13 with Amiga's ProTracker software, composing first game and demo music. 

About two years later, after getting more into listening to techno and house, he bought he's first decks and started learning to DJ. 

At first he played mostly in discos and parties organized with he's friends, trying different styles like goa-trance and house. 

In 2001 after constantly searching for harder sounds, he created a second alias, Switchblade and released "Switched To Blades EP" on 4X4 records which is considered being one of the first records that shaped the new hardtechno/schranz sound and Switchblade as one of the pioneers of the style. 

To date, Leo has released more than 30 EP's, plus numerous tracks and remixes for other artists. As a DJ and live act, he's played all around the world and worked with many of the biggest artists in the hardtechno scene, most notably he's productions and live performance act with the Polish artist Tomash Gee. ? 

Leo has he's own hardtechno/techno label LKRMusic, and is actively searching and releasing works from both known and upcoming artists.

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Cristian Glitch – Enigmatic Noise

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TKG – Schranz is my DNA (REMIX)

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Monster Mush – Blind Passion (Album)

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