Kata Mercado

Acid / Industrial Techno / Breaks DJ & Producer
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Kata Mercado is one of the names that have stood out the most in the techno scene at the music export level with productions made for labels such as Monocode, Gomboc, Techsound, UX, Fabrik and more. This result is due to the fact that he has worked on his own timbre, developing an eclectic and free sound.

Within his career, performances stand out in places as renowned as the legendary Tresor (Berlin), Under Club (Buenos Aires), Duel Beat (Naples), among others. He also tours South America in countries like Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Kata Mercado Vrsalović was born in Santiago de Chile. She developed strong interests in fine arts during her childhood, finally focus entirely on music.

Her professional career started in 2006 and her talent was soon recognized. In short time she had booking requests for events in Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina and Colombia. After moving to Europe, specifically Berlin, her sound took a radical change morphing into more acid and industrial beats, which were heard at the legendary TRESOR. Then she focused exclusively on her own musical production developing an eclectic and free sound.

UX, Gomboc, Monocode, Techsound, Darknet, Eklero 12", Naked Lunch, Sick Weird Rough Records.

She has shared decks with artists such as... 

Parallx, Charlie Sparks, Basswell, SHDW & Obscure Shape, Regal, Lee Ann Roberts, Marika Rossa, Perc, Bas Mooy, Fátima hajji, Vtss, I hate models, Sleeparchive. AND MORE 

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