Keith Barrera

Hardtechno DJ & Producer
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Andrea Barrera, also known as Keith Barrera, is a DJ and producer from Santander Colombia. Even before starting her career as a DJ, she knew that music would always be an essential part of her life. It all began at the age of 16, with the passion inherited from her father (who has also worked as a DJ throughout his life), starting with Latin music genres and eventually becoming one of the most recognized DJs in this niche at just 20 years old later on, in mid-2019, she decided to search for a new, more intimate identity with music, exploring other types of music genres until she found herself drawn to the underground electronic scene, with which she immediately connected. Keith Barrera started experimenting with these new sounds by playing in local clubs initially.

Thanks to her impressive technical and artistic skills, exceptional music selection, and captivating stage presence, she has quickly risen to become one of the most prominent and well-respected DJs in the Colombian electronic music scene. Her talent has taken her to perform in various countries, including Chile, Ecuador, Spain, Portugal, and Germany, expanding her reach beyond her home country.

DJ she is renowned for the exceptional quality of her music selection, which features hard-hitting kicks, aggressive basslines, and melodic drops. An avid gamer, she is a dynamic and energetic stage presence, with live mashups, quick transitions, and special effects. The performance is highly charged, and hers is a focus on engaging with the audience, showcasing hers charisma and stage presence. Notably, she has shared the stage with top-tier artists such as Nastia, Ellen Allien, Matador, Sara Landry, Enrico Sangiuliano, Cuyo, Avision, Fatima Hajji, Airod, Angerfist, Charlie Sparks, Otta, and Clair, among others, at prestigious festivals such as Ritviales, Black Box Festival, Gate, Radikal Festival, and Sucursal Fest.

Moreover, she serves as the DJ for the 8th season of the immensely popular MTV program "Acapulco Shore". Hers is a valued membership in the Rossrec Collective, a testament to her exceptional musicianship and turntable skills.

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