Industrial Techno, Hard techno, Hardcore DJ & Producer
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Seeing himself as a musical activist, Dj-Producer Sonico aka Sonicore, one of the most legendary artists in Latin America, has been in a big percentage, the responsible for positioning Colombian scene right where it is today.
This -national icon-, as was tagged by The Advent himself, been constructing electronic culture from the south to the world since 1.995, contributing to found not only the techno scene but also hard techno, acid, industrial, hardcore and most rave expressions in his country.

An artistic unique sensitivity, open minded music background, endless marathon mixing journeys blended up with eclectic music production, have grant him a solid reputation around the globe on several music scenes, keeping low profile but high reputation status on more than 16 countries.

This globetrotter is an independence benchmark who directs the scene to a more sensitive, social and artistic conscience but also to an activist lifestyle that will keep inspiring new generations.

From clubs to warehouses, from festivals to raves, from techno to acid, from industrial to hard techno and all the way to hardcore, Sonico/re is party guaranteed.

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