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Hardtechno DJ, Producer & Liver
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DJ Monster Mush was born in 1984 in Belgium. Rocked to music since his youth, he was passionate of vinyl and turntables. 

His passion for djing sparked in 1998, at the age of 15, and started playing electronic music. 

Till 2006, he played at some parties, organized his own parties and also got a club residency at N-Joy Club and Jetset Club in Belgium.

2007 was the year that his alias Monster Mush was born. He began to produce his own music and released on many labels like “Cannibal Society Records” and “Reconstruction Recordings” from the Netherlands. In

2008, his remix of Nirvana’s “Smells like teen spirit” was a great success and was played by many top artists like Pet Duo, Greg Notill, O.B.I., TRB, Jason Little, etc...
and was played all over the world. 
This was the beginning of his international career and he got booked at events all around Europe…
First in Germany, Luxembourg and France, where he played pretty often and soon after, he got gigs in Spain and Portugal too. 

His name went around and soon he got bookings at festivals like The Qontinent, Nature One, City Parade and club gigs at Industrial Coopera, Zoreks Club, Blau Club, Torn de Nit, Sala Wow, Club Tunnel. 
He has supported for many years the Liberty White team, that got him on massive events like their events at Flanders Expo, Waregem Expo and many other festivals in Belgium.

2013, he was called to explore a new continent for him, doing a 2-month tour of South America, playing at events in Colombia, Brazil and Venezuela, where he met many new people, lovers of hard techno music like himself.... It was an amazing time for him and an unbelievable moment in his career...

From 2015 till now, Monster Mush focused and learned music production to offer his supporters the best hard techno music as Monster Mush and techno music under his name Jeremy Batlle on ESINE RECORDINGS You can check out all his releases on all main digital platforms and in vinyl distribution shops. 
Label references : Elements records, Intensity Rec, Gnot, Canibal Society, Techsound, Hardcordelia, Reconstruction Rec, Subtracktor, TechnoPride Rec, Trivialbookings Rec.

Country Visited:
Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Netherland, Républic Czech, Austria, Portugal, Luxembourg, Spain, Thailand, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, and want more are to come..!!!

Club Visited:
Fabrik Madrid, Industrial Coopera, Sala Wow, Zoreks Club, Blau Club, Torn de Nit (ES), Lenox (LU), Martes club (col), Church club (col), Klan 31 (col), Tunnel club, (AU), N-joy, Jetset, Madness (BE) , Infame club (PT), Escape (BE), 
Spot 48 (LU), 

Important Events & Festival visited
Nature one, Qontinent, Liberty White, Chronicles, Hardtech Party, Trivial Musik, Tech-sound Festival, Rave, Warehouse, Atzend festival, 

Currently, we have no future events.

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