Monster Mush

Hardtechno DJ, Producer & Liver
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Since 2001, Dj Monster Mush has been known for his techniques and the energy that he brings to the dance floor. After some residencies in clubs in 2005, his career started to flourish.

Around 2007, he began producing his own Hardtechno music and played internationally, including in Germany, Holland, Luxembourg, France, Belgium, and Austria.

In 2008, he released his first tracks and remixes made in the studio with the prominent Brazilian producer Dj Lukas. He also collaborated with other headliners such as Greg Notill, Pet Duo, O.B.I, Motormorfoses, Bruce, Emme, Barbers, Psy-k, among many others ..  

In 2011, he was invited to the main event in Belgium known as "Liberty White" at Flanders Expo, the premier event in his own country. He continued to perform at international gigs and festivals all around Europe, including Nature One, The Qontinent, and City Parade. It was also the year he released his famous hit, "Hardtechno is not a crime," which made a significant impact and continues to resonate till today in all importante parties.

In 2014, he embarked on his first South America tour, visiting Brazil (Sao Paulo), Colombia, and Venezuela.and did many gigs all around europe.

From 2016 to 2020, he was invited to play at main events and clubs in Europe, such as Apokalypsa, Fabrik Madrid, and MS Connect, among many others. and keep doing each 2 years a south american tour where they love his music

The years 2020-2022 were challenging due to the pandemic situation, but they were also filled with new studio collaborations with artists like Rebekah, Haze-C, Lukas RHT, Mokushi, and Remy-X. During this time, he spent a lot of time mixing and remixing tracks while also working on and realizing his new album named "Bling Passion," a blend of 50% Techno and 50% Hardtechno.

Today, his music can be found on many important labels, including Intensity, Elements, Mad Made, DSR, Techsounds, Hardcodelia, Gnot, Cannibal Society, Reconstruction, Subtracktor, TechnoPride, Trivialbookings. You can check out all his new releases on all major digital platforms. Beatport, Bandcamp, juno,... everywhere..

Tomorrow, you will find him on Dolma Rec, Trivial Records, DSR, Intensity and many others, so stay tuned!


Countries Visited:
Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Italy, and more to come!

Most important festivals visited:
Elements Festival, The Qontinent Festival, Nature One Festival (USB Stage), Techsound Festival, Atzend Festival, Trivial Musik Festival, and more.

Most important events visited:
Liberty White (BE), Chronicles (BE), City Parade (BE), Apokalypsa (CZ), Criminal (Aus), and more.

Most important clubs visited:

Belgium: Cherry Moon, Minus Club, Barrio Brussels, Hardhouse, N-joy, Jetset, Madness, Club Basic, Escape, Other side, Cave de Cornillon, La Chapelle, Sound Station, and more.

Colombia: Antisistema (BOG), Terrazza (MED), Church Club (MED), Martes Club (MZL), Klan 31 (BOG), and more.

Spain: Fabrik Madrid, Industrial Coopera, Sala Wow, Zoreks Club, Blau Club, Torn de Nit, and more.

Luxembourg: Café de la Gare, Lenox, Spot 48, and more.

Portugal: Infame Club (Lisbon), Hard Club (Porto), and more.

Netherlands: Breda, Amsterdam (Mental Torment ADE), and more.

Austria: Tunnel Club (Linz), and more.

Italy: Anyway (Sardinia), and more.

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Cristian Glitch – Enigmatic Noise

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TKG – Schranz is my DNA (REMIX)

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Monster Mush – Blind Passion (Album)

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