Alex Jockey

Techno DJ & Producer
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Since 2005 Colombian dj producer resident in Bogotá capital city, been developing a strong growing production brand. Alex Jockey explores into all techno textures blending unique avant-garde dancefloor music with authentic old school background. His sets and music are always well taken by the crowd on every party and festival he is involved including reknown headliners he shares stage with.

Alex Jockey is co-founder of Beatcrusher Festival (www.beatcrusher.com) as from streaming radio station call R.E.C. (Radio Electrónica Colombiana)
www.radioelectronicacolombiana.com, where they support known and new talents , live shows every wednesday and saturday since 6pm and 24/7 music online.

One step at a time, Alex Jockey it catching several labels attention everytime while he keeps growing on his independant projects. No doubt for the future he is one of the most interesting techno producers in SouthAmerica, keep and eye on him!

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