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N.O.B.A works the first MR.NOBA project in 2003 to 2004 with the first EP of CHICAGO ZONE. He's back in 2007 but a "Frenchtek" style with a most populars tracks : " Pannik ( E-Traxx), Do You Like.... (With Samuel Sanders) ( Reaktion), Planete Alfa ( Strukture), Multiball ( Strukture), Get Down (With E-Max) ( E-Traxx), Pixel ( Fanatix): the last track in 2010.

At this moment, MR.NOBA was known through festival & events as Bassleader, Summerfestival, Love Parade 2008... But also played in clubs: Lagoa 2009, H2O, Complex, Cherry Moon... With the evolution of the style, He will make his booking last one "FrenchTek" to "The Qontinent" in 2011 and goes away at this moment there quite as the composition and the mix.

Today he is back but this time for a new start, in a "Techno" style, a mixture of Old Club with techno current style . The style changes and also the name : "N.O.B.A", First Ep on Banging Records Label in 2013 and the creation of Metrotek Records, his Label in 2014.

He sign with Other label : Autektone, Subwoofer, Cayden Records, Coincidence Records, Mind Games, Autektone, DSR Digital, SMR Underground, Eclipse Recordings, Dolma Records with recently Suara ... and other. Since that come back, his music was played and supported by the internationale name : Dj Rush, Sam Paganini, T78, Charlotte de Witte, Deborah de Luca, Steve Shaden, Sebastian Groth, Laurent Garnier, Richie Hawtin, Klaudia Gawlas, Alfred Heinrichs, Coyu, Tommy Libera ... and many more.

Since the end of August 2019, He join his friend NÜWA for make the team of producteur for their Ithica Records Label And at this moment,He continued to make dance all the people from France to USA and other country like Germany, Italia, Hungary, Belgium, United Kingdom, Scotland, Spain, Russia, Japan ... and many more. And he play on the Club and event in Belgium, France, Spain and Germany ... The road is long and far from finished

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